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The Gruffalo Book review and why this is my favourite business book

Last night, I read The Gruffalo with my 11-year-old son. He thinks the book is funny, but to be honest he’s a bit bored with it because it’s one we’ve read together many times before. He was a bit like, ‘Oh, ok mum, if you really want to.’ Thing is, it’s my favourite business book and reading it always inspires me. Just continue reading The Gruffalo book review below.

Well, Gruffalo,’ said the mouse. ‘You see?

Everyone is afraid of me!

But now my tummy’s beginning to rumble.

My favourite food is – gruffalo crumble!

The Gruffalo Book review, read the gruffalo

The Gruffalo story book

Just to recap, The Gruffalo story book is about a little mouse who manages to convince the Gruffalo – a big,scary creature with orange eyes, a black tongue and a poisonous wart on the end of its nose– that he’s the scariest creature in the woods and not to eat him. He doesn’t do this with size or force – he’s just a little mouse after all – but clever quick thinking.

The Gruffalo book review

With its rhyming couplets and colourful pictures, The Gruffalo is a great book for kids but I just love the message within its pages: that being the biggest doesn’t mean you’re the smartest. I always think of the analogy of the Gruffalo as a large corporate company and the mouse as a small business. The mouse knows it can’t beat the Gruffalo on size, so it uses its agile mind instead.

The Gruffalo story book, gruffalo book pages

In some ways, I like to think of Tidy Books as that little mouse because we’re agile, too.We’re not hanging around waiting to be eaten up by our competitors, that’s for sure. We’re constantly coming up with new ideas to make our kids’ bookcases and storage boxes more interesting and fun. This year we’ll be launching two fantastic new products and we have more planned for the future. We’ll also be crowdfunding next month. We don’t want Tidy Books to become big and scary like the Gruffalo but we’re smart enough to want to build on our success. Like that clever little mouse, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

All the best
Creator and designer of Tidy Books

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