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10 Children’s Books About Health

children's books about health

Talk with your pre-schooler about health with the help of our selection of children’s books about health.  Books have a huge hold over a child’s mind. Reading books is a great way to learn about new subjects, find new skills, and expand their understanding of the world. When reading with a parent or teacher, kids can ask questions and think deeply, all while having fun! That’s why making sure that your child has access to plenty of books about healthy habits is so important. Developing a good relationship with health, nutrition, and positive habits early on in life is the best possible way to make sure that as a child grows into an adult, they’ll continue to care for themselves well and keep healthy. Pick up a few of these books for your family to read together and learn about the ways we can keep ourselves healthy.


Children’s Books About Healthy Eating

Baby, Let’s Eat! by Amy Pixton (Infants & Toddlers)

Who’s ready to eat some fruits and vegetables? We are! This simple picture book is a great pick for very young children who are learning about all the different kinds of food they eat. The simple encouragement and exploration of healthy foods are accessible, colorful, and fun. This book is also an “indestructible” book, making it a great pick for those who are still learning about how to be gentle with their books!

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food & Nutrition by Lizzy Rockwell (Early Elementary)

What are carbohydrates? Why is a carrot healthier than candy? How does my body turn food into energy? All these questions and more are answered in this comprehensive guide to nutrition and healthy eating in a fun kid-friendly way. Far more than simply encouragements to eat fruits and vegetables, this book provides the foundational understanding of how and why these foods are the best fit for their bodies and what kind of good it will do for their physical growth and development.

A Tale of Two Brothers: A Rhyming Story About Making Healthy Choice by Brittany Andrejcin (Early Elementary)

This simple children’s fable is a great illustration of the way that healthy eating impacts our daily life. From experiencing fewer health problems, having more energy, and having stronger muscles, this story shows children how taking care of your nutrition and body can have powerful benefits, while eating junk food that’s bad for your body will have serious consequences.

10 children's books about health

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Children’s Book About Exercise

Shake a Leg! by Constance Allen (Infant & Toddler)

It’s time to get moving with your friends Grover and Elmo! Try out some silly dance and exercise moves with two of your favorite monsters from Sesame Street, plus lots of their friends join in on the fun. Kids will get some good exercise while they learn about how their body is helped by getting moving each day and about how they can move all the different parts of their body.

The Busy Body Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness by Lizzy Rockwell (Early Elementary)

Getting outside and getting moving is a kid’s favorite thing, but it’s also critical for their health. In this kid’s comprehensive guide, children can learn about their heart, muscles, lungs, nerves, and brain. They can understand how different exercises help to build and strengthen different parts of their bodies and why keeping up with moving, playing, and exercising is so important for them to grow big and strong!

Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You: All About Staying Healthy by Tish Rabe (Early Elementary)

Join your old friend the Cat in the Hat to learn all about taking care of your body! Learn about lots of different ways you can move and exercise to keep yourself fit, the food you can eat to keep your body growing healthy, and lots more! This book even features activities, recipes, and other real-life actions that you can your family can take to improve your health.


Children’s Books About Dental Health

Brush, Brush, Brush! by Alicia Padron (Infants & Toddlers)

This book is a great introduction to dental health for very young children. It features in-story tips for brushing teeth carefully, including important information about tooth health that’s still presented in a simple, easy-to-understand format for young children. Dental health habits start early, and it’s important to make sure your infant or toddler understands the importance of keeping their teeth squeaky clean!

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist by Stan Berenstain (Early Elementary)

Visits to the dentist’s office can be overwhelming for children. Teach them about what to expect at a dental visit while also learning about the importance of taking great care of their teeth – all with their favorite bear family! Talk about where cavities come from, how to brush and floss their teeth, and which foods are good or bad for their teeth.


Children’s Books About Germs & Sickness

Germs Are Not For Sharing by Elizabeth Verdick (Infant & Toddler)

Getting young children to keep their germs to themselves is a serious struggle! Read this book together to learn about what germs are and how we can stop them. It includes talking about practicing things like the importance of washing your hands regularly, covering your coughs and sneezes, and other simple hygienic skills that young children can practice to keep themselves and others healthier.

Germs: Fact and Fiction, Friends and Foes by Les Cline-Ransome (Early Elementary)

In this wacky, gross-out book about germs and bacteria, kids meet Sam the Salmonella as he gives you a tour through the world of microscopic germs that can make you sick. Kids will learn about the importance of food safety, washing your hands, and covering your nose with silly, colorful illustrations and silly explanations.


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