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Book Bingo: The School Book Group Review #3


Our school book group, Book Bingo, returns this week, with another brilliant children’s book review,  by Tom, age 6.   The Book Bingo group store their book club choices in a Tidy Books Box

Book name: Paddington at the Palace

Author: Michael Bond

Summary: “Paddington goes to the palace but people push him back and then he can’t see. Eventually he goes in…”

Favourite part & why: “When he goes into the palace, because I would like to go in!”

Rating: 5/5

Melanie Copus of Esher Church School writes:

A keen London historian, Tom was passionate to read this book both for the brilliant Paddington character plot and the insight it gives to life in London.  The part of the book Tom was most excited about was that Paddington managed to get a personal invite to the palace.   I get the distinct feeling that Tom is now plotting to get in there himself!

I grew up on the traditional Paddington classics, and still cherish a 636 page omnibus edition, published in 1985 (

It is really lovely to see today’s children as emotionally connected to the beautiful, classically written tales as we once were ourselves – especially in a world where blockbuster films, technology, and ever-speedy lives are trying to rule. Michael Bond’s tales of Paddington remind us that it’s in the small elements in our every day lives that we can find the most entertainment!

Have you read Paddington with your children?  Did they enjoy it?

Book Bingo’s selection of books will be stored in a Tidy Books Box, giving the school book group a special place for their choices.



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