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Creating quiet time for children in our busy digital world

Children love to browse through books, given an interesting selection and given the time and space.

Tidy Books, a London based, company has designed a bookcase that helps to get kids reading in those quiet times.  Designed by mum Geraldine Grandidier for her children, her innovative bookcase gives books a central place in the family home.

In the modern digital age, print books can seem out of date, but recent research shows that 3 in 4 parents still choose a print book to read to their children at bedtime.( Source RIF/Macys Survey 2013)

The Tidy Books Bookcase appeals to parents’ sense of nostalgia; they want their children to be able to curl up with a book on a rainy afternoon, just like they did as children.  The design of the bookcase works for children who do judge a book by its cover – the front facing design allows children to see and choose their books easily and independently

Geraldine Grandidier, Tidy Books CEO, who created the first Tidy Books Bookcase for her daughter in 2004, in her violin workshop in 2004, explains:

Parents tell us that their Tidy Books bookcases have served as a great reminder to read with their children, and that their children are much more interested in their books as they can see them.  Ordinary children’s bookcases decorated or not, made no sense to me – books fall out.  I wanted something that worked well for kids and their books so I created the original Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase.

Having time for books at home has added benefits elsewhere:  8 in 10 children who have books of their own at home are above average readers (Literacy Trust, Book Ownership Report 2011, and a recent study shows, they are better at maths too. 

Tidy Books has won many awards for its original children’s designs including Mother and Baby Silver Award in 2012, and Geraldine Grandidier has just been named Finalist in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2013, as Tidy Books pushes international growth.



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